Greetings from the afterlife: the spirit of a priest in robe terrorizes English Church

Square Trinity square was made a photo where you can see the spirit of a vicar who served in these walls in the early 19th century. The clergy rumor about the Ghost of Reverend Yates. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to legend,
cleric after 60 years of strong health failed, and he died
serious ailment. But the spirit of the priest still terrorizing local
the temple, clothed in a long robe.

One of the tourists on
vacation accidentally took a photo, which later interested even
researchers of paranormal phenomena. This photograph shows one of
the entrances to the temple, and in the doorway is clearly visible translucent human
the hooded figure. Unfortunately, the picture was taken in the evening and on the cheap
smartphone, so the quality is not very high.

Earlier in the tower of London haunting Ghost of king Edward V, who was killed at a young age in the FIFTEENTH century .

A resident of Liverpool Mary Ryan accidentally captured in the photo at the tower of London, the Ghost of the English Prince, who was killed at a young age. So, during the tour, the tourist noticed a jeweled pistol. After taking a photo in the background of the weapons, she saw the Ghost of a boy who stood behind her daughter.

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