Grushko: the best guarantee of security of the NATO countries is having healthy relations with Russia

Alexander Grushko


BRUSSELS, 16 Feb. /Offset. Victoria Dubrovina TASS/. The best guarantee of security of the NATO countries is having healthy relations with Russia.

This statement was made by Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko at a meeting with journalists after the meeting of NATO defense Ministers.

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“Sooner or later Europe will understand where really are their interests of security,” Grushko said. The Russian Federation will lose interest in the dialogue with NATO if it does not give results, Grushko stressed. “It is clear to us that dialogue is really helpful . But if he will not give output on common ground, and will not give impetus to the resumption of cooperation, the interest in this dialogue may be lost”, – said the Russian permanent representative.

According to him, only military spending of the European NATO countries than the total military budget of Russia and China. “Part of the NATO mythology about the threat from Russia is the thesis of some weakness of NATO, but the numbers speak for themselves. Total military spending is only for European countries-members of NATO exceed €250 billion is more than total (military) budget of Russia and China,” he said.

He noted that the strengthening of the Alliance in the black sea region is another step towards escalation of tension. “The decision to strengthen the presence of the naval forces of NATO in the Black sea is, in any case, another step in the direction of increasing tension in the regions, affecting the vital interests of the Russian Federation”, – he said.

In addition, said Grushko, the Alliance intends to create in Romania a multinational military forces on the basis of the training brigade. “It seems that we are talking about the fact that on the basis of the Romanian training team will create a multinational group. Eight NATO countries announced that they are ready to enter the brigade headquarters level and five countries will provide additional support elements of the brigade air and ground,” – said Grushko.

“We have already taken additional steps in response to strengthen our groups in the South, is re-our group in Crimea. Of course, will take all necessary measures so that the security interests of Russia in this region had been properly secured,” – said Grushko.

He also said that a new meeting of the Council NATO-Russia (NRC) at the ambassadorial level could take place in a short time. “The preparation of the NRC we have not yet begun. I think in the not very distant foreseeable future, it apparently will take place”, – said Grushko.

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