Head coach of “Spartak” called the terms of the sale’s top scorer

Best striker of “Spartacus” Quincy promes

(Photo: globallookpress)

During the current winter transfer window Spartak Moscow will try to strengthen all the lines. This was stated by the head coach of Champions of Russia Massimo Carrera. According to him, when searching for beginners need to take into account the possibility of the club.

“If we can find the right players, of course, strengthen all the lines. It’s not easy. I don’t have carte Blanche — I can’t spend as much as you want. You can’t say: “I want Coutinho! Let tomorrow be in the village!” There are certain installation guidance, and I have to adjust for them. Carte Blanche would look like: I want Coutinho, Messi, Neymar and so on… In real life I am called certain names and, based on the capabilities of the club, we guide trying to find the right players” — quoted by Carrera “Cup”.

Italian specialist said that transfer policy must be balanced. Selling of the player, you need to find a replacement for his position . Carrera said he will agree to sell Quincy of Promesa, if the team will strengthen Chelsea’s Mohamed Salah.

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