How many Ukrainians do not pay taxes to the Pension Fund: articulated figures

Pension Fund



Photo: ukrafoto.com

Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko explained, as from higher wages depend on the pensions of Ukrainian pensioners.

Working every second Ukrainian does not pay taxes, or pay them not in full to the Pension Fund.

On this broadcast “5 channel” said Deputy Prime Minister.

He calculated salary increase twice this year will bring seniors an additional 10 billion UAH. All of the state Treasury Pension Fund will receive more than 142 billion UAH.

“It is not the task, say, of the state, it is the task of all of us working citizens to help the Pension Fund, to help our Ukrainian pensioners to receive a normal pension. It’s all connected. Therefore, you should understand that the Pension Fund is the only source of income is what we pay in taxes from their RFP. Therefore, if we learn to pay everything in full, we can say that we have the chance to provide our parents-pensioners a decent pension,” – said Rozenko .

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