Humanity is on the brink of mortal danger: in a matter of hours the UK may crash kilometer asteroid

Some days humanity is in anxious expectation of the approaching asteroid, which within 10 days should fall on the globe. As noted by astronomers, the space object reaches a diameter of 0.5-1 km, and may even fall in a matter of hours. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

In turn,
space Agency NASA said that he had seen this facility a year ago. It
left the system of asteroids devastating the planet Nibiru. According to calculations
specialists of the asteroid’s orbit and Earth will converge in the near
time – it can happen from 16-24 February.

According to the preliminary
calculations, the asteroid may crash into the UK. Falling
the greater body water will raise unprecedented size of the wave, which will be able
to destroy the coastal cities of Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Previously, scientists were stunned by the message about the asteroid that will destroy Earth .

The space Agency
NASA has worried the world with information about what is in Space discovered on 2 asteroid
tending to the Earth. Further analysis showed that at the moment no
the threat of such collisions. The heavenly bodies, which move towards the earth
will not cause her any harm.

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