Ilya Reznik accused the Love of the assumption of theft

Famous singer of the assumption was forbidden to perform her popular hit “Convertible”.

poet Ilya Reznik has decided that Lyubov Uspenskaya illegally singing their greatest hit
“Convertible” and tried to forbid her to perform a song, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

The assumption became known through the song “Convertible”, with
which it loosened domestic pop Olympus. But she guess not
could that her hit would lead her to such a high-profile scandal – charges of illegal performance of the composition.

eminent poet Resnick vacationing in America, he became friends with a foreign composer
Harry Goldonna, who then sold her poems for $ 500. But
at some point a new friend of Elijah refused to spend the money Recalling
that no one sings songs.

Then Reznik
invited Ouspensky to the restaurant and offered to perform “Convertible”
which got her absolutely free . But after some time the Love
was taken aback on learning that Ilya began to think that she sings it illegally
work. The poet began to call her a thief and tried to re-sell it for a huge hit.
To find out the truth, the Love called Harry gold, but he did not find out
was, arguing with the butcher, too, because nothing could not help.

Years later
Gold apologized to the singer for what then came to her defense.
When Love recorded his first album, written in collaboration Goldonna
Ilya Reznik, they agreed that the first two pay for the Studio, and
already the profit share on all three. And then, as stated by the singer herself, the poet wanted
take all the revenue in the amount of 10 thousand dollars.

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