In Arizona, the couple came across a 10-metre abnormal hole that appeared out of nowhere

Arizona couple near his home found a 10-foot recess. This hole had a so refined parameters, that the local population had a lot of questions on the education. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

This unique hole
located in the desert of Tonoma, eighty kilometers West of the city
Phoenix. It should be noted that around the unknown object has no
warning signs. The locals dropped to the bottom of the mysterious
deepening the chamber, where was a piece of rubbish. Experts for drilling wells described
this object, as dangerous.

Strange 10-meter
the hole quickly filled, and people remained in ignorance, with their
reflection and speculation.

Earlier in Estonia found anomalous groundwater well, which took the lives of many people.

But most of all from his
scary findings suffered by the owner of the house. He had of his legs a few years
he lay motionless, and then died .

Anomalous zone was trying to examine a group of Japanese scientists, but all wells
they drilled, it is instantly filled with a dark water with a pungent

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