In Australia, the Minister resigned due to travel at state expense

The Minister of health and sports Australia Susan Lee has made several official trips, during which, as it turned out, she was engaged in public Affairs, and the search for real estate in the resort gold coast in Queensland.

After the scandal erupted, she decided to leave the Ministerial post, reports the BBC. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday said it accepted the resignation of S. Li.

“Australians are entitled to expect that policy carefully spend taxpayers’ money and at any time to ensure that their operational costs are efficient, and public resources are used ethically,” said the head of the Australian government.

Similar scandals have repeatedly occurred in Australia in recent years. For this reason the Prime Minister decided to establish an independent body to monitor the spending of parliamentarians.

Itself C. Lee said that did not plan in advance the acquisition of real estate in the resort when going on a trip in may 2015 . In the end, she decided to make the transaction for investment purposes in the amount of 795 thousand Australian dollars ($585 million).

In a statement on the resignation of C. Lee stressed that tried meticulously to follow the rules and ethical standards. Nevertheless, she decided to leave because of the scandal hit the government and caused annoyance in the community.

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