In Australia the octopus for a ride on a Dolphin

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A Dolphin with an octopus



Photo: Jodie Lowe/Caters News

Photographer from Australia Jody Lowe has managed to capture an amazing sight — octopus riding a Dolphin.

In Australia, the photographer captured the octopus traveling on the back of a Dolphin. This publication reports the Metro.

According to the newspaper, the photographer took the picture when he was on Board a boat floating on the river Hastings. “We had an interesting meeting with a bottlenose Dolphin on the back which stuck the octopus”, she said.

The woman said that the octopus was probably trying to escape from death. Dolphin, according to her, jumped out of the water, trying to throw off the clam and then eat it.

The Australian said that she was very lucky to make such a rare shot. “It’s not every day you see”, she added .

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