In Austria Bosniak caught with preparation of a terrorist attack with a truck

Police officer the city of Graz

The man was looking through the videos with a record of assaults on people and were interested in rental trucks.

In the South-East of Austria had prevented a terrorist attack on a Christmas market. In Graz detained a 25-year-old native of Bosnia, which prepared the attack, reports Radio Liberty.

According to investigators, the suspect planned to drive into the crowd on the truck.

The detainee lived in a shelter for refugees. According to his neighbors, the suspect was watching videos of assaults on people in nice and Berlin on the computers of the hostel. According to local media, he asked several times where can I rent a truck.

Starting in 2016, the jihadists began to use cars and trucks in bomb attacks in the cities of Europe. Similar attacks happened in Berlin, nice, London, Stockholm and Barcelona. Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group Islamic state .

As reported in the new York city truck drove into the crowd, there are victims.

Previously drove a truck into a crowd in Central Stockholm.

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