In Austria, there were mass protests against the new government

Protests in Vienna

The conservative government and prepopulates accused in the “new fascism.”

In Vienna, several thousand people Saturday, January 13, protested against government policies to fight against illegal migration, reports DW.

The activists accuse the Cabinet of Sebastian Kurtz in racist, extremist and neo-fascist bias.

“The new fascists will not win our country”, – said one of the activists of the Platform for humane asylum policies Michael Genner on the protest in Vienna.

The police said that the demonstration peaceful. To participate in the rally also called for the organization of the Attack on the right and the Platform of the radical left.

Recall, Kurtz headed the government through the formation of a coalition of the Austrian people’s party with prepopulate of the Austrian freedom party . Representative of the latter, the new Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian strache (Heinz – Christian Strache) in early January said that the new parliamentary majority will stop the illegal migration in Austria.

Recall that mass protests were also held in Tunisia. There he was arrested almost 800 people.

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