In Brussels Britain and the EU begin first round of talks on Brexit

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British Minister for Brexit David Davies Monday, July 17, will meet with the chief negotiator of the EU Michel Barnier, this will be the official start of the first round of negotiations on the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), Reuters reports.

“We have laid a good beginning of last month, and this week starts the real negotiation. Protection of the rights of all our citizens is a priority for me in this round, and that’s what we need to achieve real progress,” Davis said.

His office described the proposal made by the UK last month regarding the rights of EU citizens, as a “fair and serious”, although Barnier rejected him as such, which does not correspond to EU requirements.

Working groups will focus on three areas: the rights of citizens; the EU’s demands that Britain paid about EUR 60 billion for the recurrent budgetary commitments of the EU; other trade issues, such as what will happen to British goods in the shops of the EU after Brexit .

The fourth group, led by Davis and Barnier, will focus on resolving problems in Northern Ireland, when the new EU border will separate the British from the region of Ireland. In this issue we need clarity on future trade relations.

The first round of negotiations will last four days, after which it is expected a press conference with information about the first results.

As reported, the European Union requires Britain to accept billions of dollars in financial claims of the EU to London for the upcoming withdrawal from the EU (Brexit).

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