In Chernihiv region was the outbreak of ASF




Photo from open sources

ASF was registered in the agricultural enterprise “Svitanok” in the Chernihiv region.

The death of three pigs recorded in the LLC Svitanok (Bobrovitskiy R-n Chernigov region).

According to a post on the website of the State service of Ukraine on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection (state foods and consumer service), the study of samples of biological material in the State research Institute for laboratory diagnostics and veterinary-sanitary examination the diagnosis “the African plague of pigs”.

According to preliminary information, the total number of pigs at the plant is 400 heads.

In the outbreak of the disease, the measures for containment and prevention of spread of the causative agent of ASF.

African swine fever – a contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs . It is transmitted by direct contact of patients and healthy animals through pork products, mites and mechanically (means of transport, when moving people and animals). Vaccine against ASF, no.

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