In China archaeologists discovered a valuable find




Photo from open sources

Archaeologists have found jewellery of the XVII century – the end of the Ming dynasty .

In China they found gold coins, jewelry and weapons of the early XVII century – the end of the Ming dynasty. Jewels found at the bottom of a specially dried for archaeologists of the river in Sichuan province, they are well preserved.

In the area where they found the treasure in 1646 the colleagues of the leader of the peasant uprising Zhang Sangjun were defeated by the Ming dynasty. Then the rebels tried to move the Treasury to the South. There is a theory that during the battle, was flooded about a thousand boats with coins.

According to Professor of the Institute of archaeology and museology of Peking University, found objects have great value, because it is possible to investigate political, economic and military aspects of the Ming dynasty.

It is believed that the rise of the Zhang syanchzhunom in 1630-1640-ies became one of the causes of the fall of the Ming dynasty, which ruled China from 1368. Later, the troops of Zhang syanchzhunom few years controlled the Sichuan province.

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