In Corsica the owner of the cafe was shot in the Nude

Photo: bbc.com the Beach is not an official nudist area

The businessman did not like the naked people at the entrance to his establishment.

In Corsica the owner of the local café shot at naturists, located near his school, reports the BBC.

As a result the woman one woman was wounded in the thigh, and dozens of nudists have been forced to flee from the beach Cartago near Porto-Vecchio.

According to witnesses, the man first asked a group of sunbathers nudists to get dressed, and upon their refusal went for the gun and started shooting.

As a result, the woman aged about 30 years, was wounded in the thigh.

The shooter was arrested, but soon released.

Beach Cartagio known among nudists, but is not their official site. Local residents have repeatedly filed complaints for illegal nudists on this beach .

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