In Denmark the military are taught how to counter Russian disinformation

Military Of Denmark



Photo from open sources

News of the world:In Denmark fear that the military will be “subjected to intimidation and false rumours” .

Military of Denmark prepare for the fight against Russian disinformation before you send them to the military formation of NATO in Estonia in January. On Monday said the Minister of defence of Denmark Claus Hjort Frederiksen, reports Reuters.

“It’s a totally new world. The Danish soldiers should be very clearly aware of it. So I instructed the armed forces to the soldiers that will be sent in January, were informed and trained on how to protect themselves,” said Frederiksen.

Speaking of 200 Danish soldiers, which is planned to send the military forces, the Minister noted that “it is easy to imagine that they will be subjected to intimidation and false rumours”.

According to the Agency, NATO and the European Union concerned about Russia’s ability to use television and the Internet for the demonstration of purposeful misinformation. In turn, Russia rejects such statements.

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