In Georgia, surgeons removed from women tweezers, forgotten colleagues a quarter century ago

In Georgia, the doctors found in woman’s stomach forceps, who forgot their counterparts 25 years ago after surgery.

As told on Thursday, the Georgian TV company “Rustavi-2” oncologist of one of the Tbilisi hospitals, Irakli Todua, the health facility asked for help by the patient with other complaints, but in the course conducted before the operation, computed tomography was discovered tweezers.

According to the doctor, tweezers, apparently, I forgot to remove surgeons 25 years ago during an operation on the gall bladder.

He noted that now the patient feels well.

The doctor said that in such a situation is not surprising, as such in medical practice, “unfortunately, happens.” “If we didn’t do another operation the woman because she came to us because of other issues, perhaps this tweezer would never have been brought to light,” said I. Todua .

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