In Germany, a leak of sulphuric acid at the chemical plant, there are victims

Chemical plant in Oberhausen



Photo: Twitter

About 150 people were injured as a result of leakage of sulfuric acid at a chemical plant in Germany.

About 150 people marked breathing problems after in Oberhausen in Western Germany at the chemical plant leaked toxic substances, transfers on Thursday Agency associated Press (AP).

According to the AP, sulfuric acid spilled from a tank in the territory of one of the companies on manufacture of chemical substances. This resulted in a toxic cloud of several hundred meters in width.

In the aftermath of an accident involving 130 employees of the rescue services. According to the representative of local fire service Joerg Praisner, the operation was successful.

However, he noted that most victims have experienced only mild breathing problems.

In connection with the accident, the city had suspended the movement of trains and buses, and also changed the timetable of the schools .

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