In Kiev, who fought in the Donbass nationalists opened fire in a boarding house.

In one of the resorts near Kiev, equipped for the accommodation of refugees from areas of armed conflict in the Donbas, on Monday there was a shootout initiated by those who fought in the South-East radicals from the battalion “Aydar”, living together with immigrants.

As reports “Диалог.UA” nationalists opened fire after a boarding house raided so-called “titushky” (in Ukraine – a collective term used against criminal elements involved in the provocations, often with the use of physical force – ed.), began to organize pogroms on the floors, according to “Russian conversation”.

The attackers were armed mount, which smashed Windows in several buildings and is located near the boarding house transformer substation, forcing him to hide on the upper floor who was at that time in the premises of refugees from the conflict zone in the Donbass .

In addition to immigrants, also lived fought in the Donbas from the radicals of “Aidar” battalion, until the arrival of the officers opened fire. According to eyewitnesses, soldiers fired in the air and was intended only to disperse the attackers intruders.

As a result of incident has suffered one of living in a boarding house woman. She was admitted to hospital.

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