In Lviv an extremely high risk of outbreaks of intestinal infections

In Lviv, in connection with the accumulation of debris and the increase in air temperature extremely high risk of outbreaks of intestinal infections, said the head of the health Department of the Lviv city Council Volodymyr Zub.

“Watching the dynamics of export and accumulation of waste, and taking into account the increase in air temperature, I as head of the Department of health should state that the city has an extremely high risk of outbreaks of intestinal infections”, – he said on Monday at a meeting of the city Commission for emergency situations.

V. Tooth stressed that “the risk of harm to the health of the residents of the city have not been so high.”

“If we do not provide regular garbage collection, we can expect very unpleasant consequences associated with the health of the population of the city of Lviv”, – said Victor Tooth .

At this meeting, the Lviv city Commission on emergency situations was adopted on second appeal to the head of Lviv regional state administration, Secretary-General of the NSDC, the Cabinet of Ministers, Verkhovna Rada and President of Ukraine about the deterioration of the situation in Lviv in connection with the failure to remove solid waste, since the first appeal remained without reaction.

The city Council noted that if this treatment is not followed by a response from the state, the city will contact the police in connection with the inaction of the officials concerned.

As reported, Lviv has accumulated about 8.5 thousand tons of household waste. In this regard, residents of several areas blocked the traffic on the roads. The city authorities claim that firms, carriers, involved in the export of waste from Lviv have nowhere to take them.

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