In Lviv presented the five archives OUN

In Lviv presented the five archives OUN



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Among the documents is the record of a survey of refugees from Eastern Ukraine, who during the famine of 1946-47 gg were on the territory of Ternopil region.

Five of the archives of the underground OUN found in the last six months, presented in the National Museum-memorial “Prison on lontskoho” in Lviv.

“All documents were stored in cans. Therefore, despite the advanced age about 70 years old – well preserved. This is the financial reports, documents of the security service of the OUN, interrogation reports, collections of incriminating evidence, detailed records of the underground. Also botany – leaflets, which confirmed that the person has given money or products to representatives of the underground. It was believed that when Ukraine will get independence, people with BotName will receive compensation,” – said the head of the archive of the Center of researches of liberation movement Andrew Moustache.

According to him, one of the cans found a few weeks ago in the woods in the Ternopil region. It was hidden in the roots of an old tree. To get it, had to uproot the stump

As assured to the researchers, the archives will be digitized and exhibited on the Museum’s website for public access.

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