In Mariupol the radicals of the “Azov” are suspected in the brutal murder of 18-year-old, which they “called for a conversation”

Ukrainian radicals from the fighting in the Donbas regiment “Azov” may be involved in the brutal murder of 18-year-old resident of Mariupol. His body with numerous beatings and mutilations were discovered earlier in the week in a ditch near the sea.

As writes the local edition of 0629, between slain teen and his two companions on may 14 there was a conflict with the soldiers of the regiment “Azov”, which also had three. Nationalists suspected of young people in drug trafficking, according to “Russian conversation”.

According to a source informed about the conflict young people with the radicals, the fighters of “Azov” first used force against 18-year-old Daniel, claiming that he is a dealer and distributes drugs.

“After that, they poured from the gas tank all, even the girls, and went to his car,” said the source.

He noted that this conflict had not been exhausted . Three nationalists then “was summoned to a conversation,” not any boy to the sea shore, where it was later discovered his body with multiple injuries and beatings.

The regiment “Azov” deny the involvement of his fighters to the crime, whereas the police claim that the killers of the young man wrote a confession and do not have any relation to Ukrainian armed forces or the national guard.

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