In memory of Georgi Natanson: he could break through time

Died Of Georgiy Natanson. He was 96 years old. Yes, he was considered a survivor. Or, as they say in such cases, the last of the Mohicans. By the end of 2017, the year they leave so often… As if someone out there in the sky built this sad place.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev
Georgi Natanson

About such talk: “If it took only this one picture (given name), it has forever become a classic. Nathanson took three brilliant film “Noisy day” (with glass), “Older sister” and “once again about love”. And if in the first case is really the Director’s main role was played by the great theatrical master bag, then the rest is the absolute author of his solo. Without any exaggeration and “big sister” and “once again about love” is a masterpiece not only of Soviet, but of world cinema. Shot in the style of neo-realism, and now they look as if created yesterday, not half a century ago . Nathanson was able to break through time, drove this time forward, and so showed the feelings, attitudes of people, as very few people do.

Creative Muse had one — Tatiana Doronina. He shot her always and everywhere where only it was possible. He adored her, worshiped her, and felt like the closest person. Led her from theatre to cinema and made a superstar.

How we met? It was 10 years ago. Someone said to me in the wording: here lives an old, forgotten film Director, maybe do an interview with him? “Old, forgotten” — we are always so. But “Elder sister” and “once again about love” did not give sleep. I must, simply must meet him. Not immediately, but found his home phone rang. Cheerful voice, full of life and inexhaustible enthusiasm of the Soviet told him the address, told me how to drive.

Mosfilmovskaya house built in the 60s. a Small, flat way. He lives alone with his daughter, the beautiful Marina, the wife, unfortunately, is not too long ago. The table was served, simply, but with taste. The main attribute of the table — a half-liter bottle of Russian vodka. What do you think? Bread, salads… Put the recorder. Eat and drink more, he tells himself. About the war, mind how you started… Long talks.

Then I feel — hops, it is urgent to put myself in a horizontal position. “George G., I’m sorry, I need to lie down”. George G. understands everything, spreading the bed, I laid and I fall asleep. Wake up (I think it was an hour) in complete silence, no one. Stand up, walk to another room, and there… Natanson, and also lies. Here it is, the delicacy! Arose, we are back to the table, can repeat. We continue the conversation.

Here such it was the man — simple and unassuming. Not seen ever a lot of money and did not require them. Think only about work. A really outstanding Director, let someone unjustly forgotten.

The bright memory of you, Georgy Grigorievich.

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