In Morocco, found the remains of a unique mollusc, which reaches the age of 480 million years

In Morocco revealed discovered the remains of an ancient entity, which reaches the age of 480 million years. According to the researchers, the sample of fossilized creatures they’ve spotted the animal. According to experts, this new type of ancient mollusk that is close to the common ancestor of all modern soft. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

British scientists have named
opening Calvapilosa kroegeri and reconstructed his appearance. This
the clam had a hair-spikes, and the head had a horn education that
resembled the nail. A similar process was used for scraping and grinding food
the animal.

Dimensions discovered
the remains allow us to conclude that the size of the animal has reached 12 inches.
Scientists believe that Calvapilosa kroegeri very close to the common ancestor (which
lived 530 million years ago) all modern molluscs: snails, oysters, squids,
octopus .

Previously, scientists have discovered the remains of an ancient otter the size of a wolf.

A new species of otters in the scientific
circles received the name Siamogale melilutra. As noted by the researchers, a huge
skull of the otter (21 cm in length) allows to assume that its owner weighed
about 50 kg and was the size of a modern wolf. Also thanks to the computer
tomography they found out that apparently it was more like a beaver than
on the otter.

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