In Moscow, the FSB beat the post-graduate student of the flag of Ukraine

Photo: the Media Event in Moscow – room window of a graduate student in the lower right corner

A man waving a Ukrainian flag during a festival to mark the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea.

In Moscow, FSB officers questioned and beat the post-graduate student of the historical faculty of Moscow state University, which during the festival to the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea waving from the window of his Dorm room with the flag of Ukraine. It is reported by the Media with reference to the other student, who wished to remain anonymous.

The incident occurred on March 18. The graduate student himself did the Ukrainian flag and began to wave it from the window of his room during the festival to the anniversary of the annexation of the Peninsula. According to him, the action was not wearing a political nature. So he wanted to draw attention to the problems of the hostel of MSU .

When he decided to continue the action on a staircase, he was stopped by a security officer dormitories, and later came a policeman and three men who called themselves by the FSB.

In his room began to inspect things and pick up the camera, phone and laptop. The graduate student was taken to the police station of Moscow state University.

“The policeman went away, and by the FSB began an interrogation – who who you’re working for, who paid you. Forced to turn on laptop through the phone and the camera. Especially not beaten in the head with an open palm just in case a few times, poked a pointed MOP, which left some cuts and bruises”, – said one graduate student.

The graduate student was interrogated for two hours, his laptop and a camera, found nothing. The publication writes that a young man forced dictation to write a note saying that he was “willing to work an informant, under the auspices of the FSB and Center “e” under the pseudonym “a graduate student””.

Police also forced him to write in the report that he was waving the flag and using obscene language. The graduate student is not given a copy of the Protocol and presented the receipt on the penalty for small hooliganism.

After the incident, the student has fixed a beating in fracture clinic, and appealed to the human rights organization Committee for the prevention of torture.

As reported Корреспондент.netlast summer in Crimea detained a man with a small flag of Ukraine. The incident occurred in one of the parks of Simferopol in the so-called “day of Russia”.

Crimean Tatar fined for photos with Ukrainian flag.

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