In Mosul are fighting for the University between militants of the ISIL and government forces

Destroyed the buildings of the University in Mosul 14.01.2017

In the city of Mosul in Iraq continue fighting for the University complex between the Iraqi army and the group “ISIS”. About it reports Reuters.

According to Iraqi authorities, University laboratories, the militants made chemical weapons. Iraqi government forces said about taking control of a quarter of the University.

In addition, the last few days government forces, who earlier captured three bridges over the Tigris river, are fighting for fourth.

The areas of Mosul West of the Tigris river remain under the control of extremist groups.

Almost three months ago the Iraqi army with the support of the coalition under US leadership and with the participation of Kurdish forces and Shia militia launched a massive offensive on Mosul. Grouping “Islamic state” kept the city in 2014, when militants seized large areas in the West and North of Iraq.

As reported in the bombardment of Mosul killed 30 civilians .

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