In Obninsk the development of a barrier-free environment trusted by the disabled

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In the administration of the first Russian science city of Obninsk, Kaluga region — about two years to work at the grass-officials: they move in wheelchairs. The two young men — Dmitry Mironov, Artem Vorobiev — very active athletes in the past.

Artem Vorobiev

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Both after a serious injury whole life passes in a wheelchair. But now it does not prevent them to live and work successfully in their hometown.

The post Dmitry and Artem is low, but significant — in the first place for them. Dmitry leads the category of “Accessible environment” on the city website. Here all information about the results of work on adaptation for people with disabilities city environment. Here are discussed the routes for wheelchair users and outlines plans for further action.

Personally, I put on a city map, which you need to pay attention . The city is compact, young, modern, it is easy to reach, but there are some areas in which to move is difficult, in such situations, we can help. For example, a ramp there, but for the handicapped it is too steep. We raise this issue before the administration, — says Dmitry.

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Yet Dmitry is included in the town planning Board of the town of Obninsk. All the houses and neighborhoods are taken with his approval, after he personally checks all the congresses and other space needed for the movement of wheelchairs.

Artem — IT-specialist, promoting urban site, provides its content content.

— Thanks to the activity of these people managed to unite the disabled community in Obninsk. Before they were separated and each with its problematic cope alone. All together now communicate and transmit information. All the problems that relate, for example, the arrangement of the assemblies or the installation of lifts, now recognized from the horse’s mouth, — told trend. TASS, the mayor of Obninsk Vladislav Shapsha.

Program adaptation

On the streets of Obninsk, and really a lot of people in wheelchairs. Them available to museums, concerts, restaurants, they are at the opening of the monuments, participate in major events. Vladislav Shapsha is recognized that to achieve this could not immediately, despite the fact that the program “Accessible environment for persons with disabilities” is being implemented for almost 10 years.

We actually changed the attitude. If it was a formal document, adopted in accordance with the legislation, now, to bring a positive result, we turned to our wheelchair users with a question: where you have to draw ramps to make it easier? explains Shapsha.

Artem Vorobiev

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Based on the collected Dmitry and Artem opinions, new city plan, and the program adjusted. In 2014, the city had a first route with 14 ramps, and in 2016 — the routes on which more than 70 congresses.

— Of course, there are standards for everything, but we ask our guys to take advantage of the Congress, and only after they accept it, accept the object in operation, — the mayor added.

Annually from the budget of Obninsk allocated about 10.3 million rubles for the construction of new and equipment of existing roads ramps for wheelchairs

On the roads of the city for the disabled the respect with respect. Transitions they always give way. Artem and he drives a car adapted to his needs, is it a special driver’s seat, left the space for a wheelchair adapted transmission.

Only in government work, Dmitry and Artem are not limited. Dmitry is a physicist by education, graduated from Obninsk Institute of atomic energy. After graduation he worked as an engineer, and now knowledge is again useful: Dmitry checks the Olympiad work in physics. Sometimes for a short time, you have to check 1-2 thousand works. With this load can handle not every healthy. And besides, Dima works as a content Manager in online stores.

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— To officials — a good addition to pensions. Work disabled is very hard to find, and to free the labour market is virtually impossible, therefore, with employment mainly help friends, — says Artem.

At the time, the young man graduated from the Cybernetics faculty of Obninsk Institute of atomic energy, it saves him now, gives you the opportunity to work. Your skills professional IT-schnick in the same way as Dmitry, applies multiple jobs.

Plans for the future

Despite all the difficulties, men have big plans. Now officials in wheelchairs find it necessary to arrange for disabled Obninsk train station: people with disabilities are unable to get not only the game, but also in the train itself, as it is not equipped with the necessary handi-capable equipment.

In Moscow in November last year by the Council for persons with disabilities the representatives of Obninsk administration headed by mayor Vladislav Shapshay have already identified transportation problems for persons with disabilities.

— Want to be the life of the disabled was not confined to the apartment or one city. Like, for example, to go to Moscow museums, theatres, large festivals. While it is difficult, but plans and many desires, — said Artem.

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In the future the authorities of Obninsk are going to organize jointly with disabled people working in the fields of culture, art and sports.

According to the labor Ministry of the Russian Federation, the main problem for people with disabilities unemployment. In the country’s 12.2 million disabled people, only a quarter. Annually in employment services are turning tens of thousands of people, but only 25 to 35% applied formally employed.

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