In Odessa the criminals knocked on the car of the police special forces soldier




Photo: ukrafoto.com

In Odessa today the attackers knocked on the car of a policeman, who was in the performance of official duties.

As reported in the communication Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Odessa region, in connection with the increase in the number of thefts of property of citizens of the salons of cars parked near shopping malls, employees of a battalion of special police patrolled the Kiev district of the city. During the patrol, they decided to test the area adjacent to the shopping center “Epicenter”, located on the street of Academician Williams.

“During the test, the attention of militiamen was attracted by the face on the wanted list for committing similar crimes. Seeing the police, the criminals got into the car and tried to run away. The police began the pursuit. During the chase, both cars got stuck in traffic, where the police tried to detain the attackers,” – said in the Chapter .

But when the 32-year-old special forces soldier tried to approach the vehicle searched, the last driver made arrival on the policeman.

After arrival the driver handed the militiaman five meters. At this point, the partner of a soldier, having evaluated the situation, used the weapons. Given that around were other citizens and not to expose them to danger, the police did not shoot at the intruders, and fired two warning shots into the air.

“Currently under investigation. On search of the car and the attackers targeted the entire staff of the police of the Odessa region. The injured policeman with injuries of varying severity delivered in medical institution”, – reported in Department.

Production opened under part 2 of article 345 (Deliberate causing to the employee of law enforcement Agency or its close relatives of a beating, lungs or average weight of injuries in connection with performance by this worker of official duties) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

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