In protest against the policy of trump in the United States closed restaurants

Donald Trump



The organizers have called on immigrants to stay home and not go to work.

In the United States passed the action “Day without immigrants” to protest against the policies of President Donald trump.

About it reports Russian service Bi-bi-si.

The organizers have called on immigrants to stay home and not go to work, avoid the shops, cafes and even not to allow children in schools to show how important they are for the country.

According to activists, joined thousands of people in major cities, including Boston, Houston and new York, remained shut hundreds of restaurants, shops and cafes.

In the heart of Philadelphia’s empty Italian market: local shops, which have mostly Mexicans, are closed, reports AP.

In the Pentagon were closed some cafes, as employees working in them, refused to go to work, according to the Ministry of defence. Joined the staff Starbucks, Taco Bell and Burger King, located in the building .

In Chicago, joined the network products stores Pete’s Fresh Market, owned by Vanessa Cremonas, came to the US from Greece. She closed five of the 12 stores and allowed employees to go to work. The city also closed part of El Milagro.

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