In Pyatigorsk traffic police retaliated and ignored their requirement of a driver: a young man was beaten to death by media

In the Stavropol territory traffic police officers have become defendants in the criminal case involving murder and abuse of office. Two police officers beat the driver, who died from his injuries.

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to Life,
the incident occurred in
Pyatigorsk. It is noted that
published online footage shows
as a Junior Lieutenant Markov and S.
Lieutenant R. Gasparyan put the 24-year-old
the driver of the BMW on the ground, after
then begin to beat his hands and feet.
The results of the examination showed that
deadly for a young person became
blow in heart area.

In respect of the two
police opened a criminal case on
article “Murder”. In the case of
two other traffic police officers openly
proceedings under article “Excess
of office powers”. Published
footage shows how police officers are looking
at the events, and also call
phone .

The cause of the conflict was the fact that the traffic police have started
pursuit of the driver of the BMW who
refused to stop at their request.

Recall that in
early last month near Volgograd
several crews police chased the woman for Mazda,
who ran
vehicle in a drunken
and without a license.

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