In Russia called the exact date of sending of two humanitarian convoys to Donbass

Russian Deputy emergencies Minister Vladimir Artamonov announced that in March in the Donbass will be sent the next two convoys. The representative of the Agency even named the exact date of sending aid.

According to Artamonov, humanitarian convoys from Russia to
the East of Ukraine should go with interval of 1 week – 16 and March 23. In addition
he stressed that humanitarian convoys, scheduled for 21 and 28
February, will go to the Donbass according to plan and without delay, informs “the Russian
The dialogue”.

Artamonov said that at the end of winter to the residents of Donbas will be
sent baby food and medicines. About the content of humanitarian convoys on the March
the moment there is no information.

Note that in the Donbass regularly subjected to attacks
even the points of issue of humanitarian aid. Another such incident occurred in
early February in a front window .

Then the missiles fell on the city centre, where you’ll
encampment and the humanitarian centre, where locals go for food and
water. The shelling killed one squad, and one was wounded in
the stomach.

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