In Samara the restaurant, the company of Caucasians brutally killed the ex-police officer for the request not to smoke

The murder happened in one of the local restaurants on the night of 7 to 8 January. A surveillance camera recorded the last moments of the life of the former police officer Rustam Evaeva. He became a victim of aggressive intruders who attacked him for asking not to smoke in the hall.

According to “Russian conversation” on Christmas eve Rustam IView together with his brother and wives were vacationing in place. In the hall of the institution is located a few booths, which was a company of three natives of the Caucasus and one girl. One of them lit a cigarette, ignoring all requests by staff not to do it in the restaurant.

Then to him came IView and repeated my request, which turned into a dispute and it escalated into a fight. The company has beaten opponents as punching and kicking, and all that came to hand . The fatal wound was inflicted with a knife that one of the men struck some blows to the former militiaman.

Rustam IView received severe injuries to the neck and stomach and died on the spot before the ambulance came. His brother managed to survive. With injuries it was hospitalized. A suspect in the murder managed to detain a few days later.

Rustam Evaeva was 38 years old. He went through the war in Chechnya and service in law enforcement, but died at the hands of drunk of the restaurant.

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