In Serbia detained involved in the coup attempt in Montenegro

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Photo: from open sources

In the cities of Belgrade and Kragujevac, was arrested two citizens suspected of involvement in the recent coup attempt in Montenegro.

Two Serbian citizens arrested in the cities of Belgrade and Kragujevac at the request lodged by Montenegro to the Interpol in connection with the involvement of these people in the coup attempt in this country before the elections in December 2016, according to the Serbian TV channel RTS.

According to the TV channel, the high court of the city of Kragujevac Predrag put Bogicevica into custody pending extradition, and the special court in Belgrade has restricted the movement of Nemanja ristić – he is under house arrest.

RTS notes that the final decision to extradite these people in Montenegro will the Minister of justice of Serbia.

P. Bogicevic and N. Ristic suspected Montenegrin justice in the organization of criminal groups and the assassination of terrorist activity before the parliamentary elections in Montenegro.

RTS recalls that in early December as part of the investigation a coup attempt Montenegro submitted a request and wanted two citizens of Russia. Only the Montenegrin justice is investigating the involvement of 18 citizens of Serbia and two citizens of Russia.

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