In Space, found a giant halos that exceed the size of entire galaxies

British astronomers were able to capture the enormous light halos around galaxies, which consist of scattered particles of light of ancient stars that disappeared billions of years ago. These light particles are called photons limanowski. They cluster in galaxies formed some semblance of a glowing halo. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

In the course of the study
scientists have found that the interaction of hydrogen molecules, the bright light of a photon
lost and slowed down, which led to the formation of a halo around galaxies. Light
halos far exceed the sizes of galaxies.

To examine this question
more details will help astronomers understand the history of ancient galaxies, which are already there,
as well as the history of the formation and disappearance of the first stars .

Previously, astronomers have predicted that a massive explosion in Space which will make the star 10 thousand times brighter.

As noted by Professor
Larry Molnar, the explosion of the next sverdsvette is expected in 2022. the reason for this
the incident is the merging of two stars that revolve around each other.

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