In Spoleto ends with the arts Festival of the two worlds

Sunday late evening to the sounds of the orchestra will go out 60 Moons. This rare event will see thousands of people who are currently in Spoleto. It is here, in one of the most beautiful cities of Umbria completes the work of the international arts festival of the Two worlds (Dei Due Mondi). For the jubilee, the 60th forum, Directorate rasstaralsya and produced a smart program that beautiful Sunday afternoon complete orchestra under the baton of Maestro Ricardo Mutti.

photo: Marina Raikin

The Vakhtangov theatre in Spoleto. Before the performance, 30 min.

60 Moons came up with a famous sculptor Giancarlo Neri, a staunch lunaman. For over 25 years he plays with night light – in great numbers they have already appeared in new York, London, Naples, at his home in Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon. And now, in Spoleto sixty light globes (diameter from 50 cm to 1 .20 m) thoroughly settled on the towers of the old fortress (in 1983 in the building of the fortress was a prison, but since 2007 is the national Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto), on the roofs of old houses, of the Academy of arts. The moon only cheated the famous Tower bridge, located at an altitude of about 400 thousand meters.

Here in this sublunary world and the unfolding events of the festival.

The theatre program close a high-profile names – Robert Wilson’s production “Hamletmachine” show “Jackie Chan” and the play “Oedipus Rex” staged by Rimas Tuminas. Vakhtangov played two evenings in the Roman theatre l century ad. The ruins of the ancient theatre with one hand tightly clamped by the houses and their residents are lucky – they can see the tragedy of Sophocles performed by the Moscow artists. The tragedy of human life, full of illusions about their greatness – in the sublunary world ruled by the rock.

photo: Marina Raikin

“Oedipus Rex” in Spoleto take great: after the first show and the next day those who are seen on the street with warm words to Lyudmila Maksakova, Evgeny Knyazev – the Italians know how beautiful to admire. And unanimously claim that Oedipus, ruler of Thebes, that is, Viktor Dobronravov, who plays the role, similar to their famous actor, however he is no longer alive.

Indeed, “Oedipus” wonderful to work with artists of various generations of the theatre, but I especially pay attention to the young artist Paul Yudin, who only almost two hours of stage action is not taken from the scene. His character is a warrior king Oedipus – mute, movable, not knowing a moment’s rest, with a spear, with a children’s horse in his hands. His actions, the immediate reaction of the silent man to what is happening – emotional comments to the unfolding tragic events. They are more than words.

As it became known, after the speech of the Vakhtangov theatre in Spoleto was born the idea of creating a co-production with the Italians, like “Oedipus the King” was made together with the Greek national theater. While Tuminas with partners discussing the material of the future performances, and the Director of the National theatre in Naples Luca de Fusco has invited other theatre – “the Masquerade” – already in January to come to Naples.

photo: Marina Raikin

And Tuminas. still, it is strange arranged: he was talking in superlatives , and he said: “No, today we worked as if attacked, crossed. And so it is not necessary, otherwise archaic, is a living symbol of kindness and innocence”.

From the history of the festival: the idea of holding it in 1958, the year was initiated by the American composer of Italian descent Giancarlo Menotti who wanted to bring together European and American culture. Selecting a stop in the small town of Spoleto (according to the census in 2008 lived 39149 inhabitants): by that time there were two theatres, cinemas, and artistic atmosphere of the city with plenty of ancient monuments had come to overwhelm his art. For years of existence of festival it was attended by Rudolf Nureyev, Roman Polanski, Robert Wilson, and other celebrities who performed on the main square of the city of Spoleto Cathedral.

This time a Grand event it was the evening of the ballet “Roberto Bolle and friends”. Its enormity is measured by the queue that stretches to the main entrance to the site per kilometre. Because first, I love Roberto Bolle in Italy, he is the pride of the country, and secondly his friends in concert – completely celebrity on a Saturday night they dance against the walls of a monument of the early middle Ages, the frescoes of which , presumably, depicts scenes from the life of St. Benedict and St. Scolastica.

Roberto Bolle.

Roberto Bolle – ‘étoile della Scala, as well as a leading dancer of the ABT NY. – today the world’s most famous and highest paid dancer. At the time, noticed him and opened the Rudolf Nureyev when he was still at ballet school. Nureyev offered him then to play the role of Tadzio in the ballet “Death in Venice”, in which he himself danced.

In Italy the name of the Ball at every step, because he is filming a commercial. Acts as a model in fashion shows of the most expensive fashion houses. Loves to play naked. And not only to act: completely naked he recently appeared on stage in the ballet mats ek’s “Giselle”.

He is now 42 years old, but he is in fantastic form, he said:”a real living statue of David by Michelangelo”…It is really fine cut and the dancing, as if playfully. Of the ten rooms in the evening two acts, he goes five, and the friends he had – Eliza Badenes (Stuttgart), Daniel Camargo and Anna Ol ( Amsterdam), MIS Kuranaga (Boston), of our Polina Semionova, Daniil Simkin, though both soloists are not Russian companies: Simkin contract with the American Ballet new York (NY ABT), and Semionova – ballet soloist of Berlin.

photo: Marina Raikin

Here with Pauline Semionova Bolle himself opened the evening – Pas de Deux from “Carmen” and he closed with Milieu Hamilton of the Royal ballet. Their song “Mona Lisa” ( choreography by Itzik Galili) affects not only lexical innovations, which are the body twist in a most peculiar way, but also boundless stretch marks, and better supports the aggressive and erotic confrontation between the partners. Beautiful Ball and into the “Caravaggio” Bigonzetti. Not a room but a show of the great painter of the Renaissance.

By the way, the concert “Bolle and friends” practiced for many years, held in the halls of the thousands and enjoys continued popularity. Bolle borrowed the format of the concert, apparently, directly from Nureyev, who under the name “Nureyev and friends” almost to the end of life triumph toured with “friends” around the world. Sold out this concert guarantees the availability only .the big stars. Now this format is trying to introduce in Russia: in the end of June at the Tchaikovsky hall in concert “Ivan Vasiliev and friends” was made by Ivan Vasiliev.

Well, the Hutch festival.

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