In the Big passes of the XIII international competition of ballet dancers and choreographers

Over the building of New scene of the Bolshoi theatre waving of flags 27 countries. And at the theater entrance, one can often see “the” ambulance. Moscow is hosting the XIII international competition of ballet dancers and choreographers. Already announced the results of the second round and the results and contest of choreographers.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The competition is 126 ballet dancers and 30 choreographers and passion to a New stage broke no baby, the atmosphere is absolutely electric, the atmosphere is nervous and tense.

At the draw, the pet of the Moscow Academy of the Russian-Japanese dancer Chino mark pulled the number 1. And his first, and note the brilliant performance set the tone for the whole contest… first round he confidently danced the Franz variation from the ballet Coppelia, stylish and tastefully showed a variation of Prince desire from “Sleeping beauty” . In the second variation of Prince Siegfried and as a modern great room “Wig” choreographer Alexander Runty with allusions to the “God of dance” of the eighteenth century, Auguste Vestris. Magic powdered wig with a pigtail which was worn in the eighteenth century makes the dancer to fabricate a dizzying PA, and falling on stage in pursuit of unauthorized moves by… once at the first Moscow competition number “Vestris” won, then even with all the young Mikhail Baryshnikov. Now on the stage of the new Vestris and the chances of winning are very good…

– Open the competition, to speak generally first, for you it was exciting? I ask Mark.

– It so happened that not really. Of course at first I was scared and then did and realized it was even convenient, because warming up and cooling down does not immediately start dancing!

– So you’re calm like a samurai? Are not afraid?

– There was a little. But adrenaline seemed to me even better to play.

Another pet of the Moscow Academy Denis Zakharov stands out against the competition from the other participants. The musicality of his performance, awesome organic, unique content, nice texture, a rare personality that makes it all not like anyone else in the classics and in modern repertory. A native of Ufa, a third year student at the Moscow Academy, where he moved from the Ufa choreographic school, only one this school year he became the winner of the four contests. He is one of the main competitors in Chino in the fight for the gold medal in the Junior group…

– I have a dream to become a dancer, a dream to be on stage, a dream to fulfill their roles, colorful and contrast – tells me Denis. – I’m still in my childhood parodied some of the characters… From Swan lake Rothbart, for example. I liked very much… Started out something to do there… It certainly was a prank. I liked just this massive music, I immediately imagined how I go on stage. Here is the depth of the role, significance… I believe that here is the work in which we are engaged, estimated to be more honest than for example in ballroom dancing, which I did to ballet. I this is the fifth contest already. I, unless you count ballroom dancing in competitions since I was 17…

Students of the school “Gzhel”, which was put out to tender as many as 4 people were also girls are not timid. Confidence had given him a part in the competitive movement. The representatives of this school often on other, though less important competitions than this, received the prize. Moreover, excitement helps them cope part of the auditorium…

– I guess I’m even more worried at rehearsals, when I’m meant to be, inside feeling good. There is no such strong emotion. After all, sometimes so worried that tears just to even start to shake. And when you go on stage, we can say that simply “buzz” tells me Catherine Klyavlino, 17-year-old member of the Moscow competition has already the “Arabesque” named after Ekaterina Maximova, being the youngest participant to silver.

At the XIII Moscow international Catherine of Klyavlino won the audience and experts with his Sylph, but in the first round struck his Princess of Florinas. The young Princess of the vast array of Florin, who danced in the competition this variation was so convincing that it caused the confidence that she then, unlike many , I read this story of Madame Marie-Catherine d Onua and understands who her character is.

– Yes, I deliberately, preparing to the contest read the story and I loved it. It helped to feel the way…

In the older age group of the Finnish national ballet in the competition was to imagine the most beautiful pair of 23 – year –old Chinese dancer sun Eamon, the soloist of the theater, and his Prime Minister Sergei Popov. In Helsinki they have crazy success. Besides Eamon arrived in Moscow, having behind victory at the prestigious international competitions in Helsinki and Lausanne, but unfortunately the competition it is a… Sergey Popov got a slight injury and agreed to accompany her only as a teacher and his pedagogical debut deserves a special prize, so good Iman.

– Why did you decide to go to the Moscow competition? Gold in Helsinki you already have in the theater you are dancing leading roles – I ask sun Eamon.

– Me 23 years, I’m still a young dancer, I really want to grow and believe that this is a very good chance to realize themselves, develop their potential, to see how the other participants, to gain experience and to develop further. Moreover, in Beijing, where I studied at the Beijing dance Academy, I had Russian teachers and I really like Russian ballet. I’ve always dreamed of, at least to visit, and not what to dance at the Bolshoi theatre. But here had the opportunity to go on this historic stage, where she danced all the great Russian ballerina and feel what it’s like to dance on it.

If you compare the performances of the participants, the youngest group in the competition was more interesting the older. We also note Cirulis and Karlis from Latvia, Brazilian Victor Goncalves of Caseta, one of the youngest members in the competition 15-year-old Ales Lazarus, also a pupil of “Gzhel”… they’re All gone in round III

But the youngest participant of the competition 14-year-old Ivan Sorokin from Syktyvkar in the list passed to round III was not. And was worried for him the whole room… But as explained by MK Executive Secretary of the competition Sergey Usanov, in the third round, he still passed, and in the lists he was not because he so did not expect to reach the final that are not prepared for round III variation and have already bought a return ticket. Nevertheless, talented guy noticed and is rumored to have already managed to invite to be trained in Moscow and the Vaganova Academy. So he can now choose…

From the “really” retired after the second round of the senior group, you can regret the representative of the Moscow Academy Grigory Ikonnikov, the Argentine Luciano Perotto, his partner of Felicia Rusu, Albanian mercury, Ariel, Ivan Titov, Anna Markova and others. According to Sergey Usanov, in order to go in the third round they did not have just a share of the points. And Ikonnikov and Perotto, bear in mind, just turned 19, they haven’t even received the diplomas of educational institutions attended, and while their classmates competed in the Junior group, they had to join the fight with much more experienced and seasoned dancers, and sometimes the top soloists from different troupes. So, I think, in terms of the competition it is time to make some adjustments…

Only the younger group in the third round with 19 participants (to the beginning of the contest was 52), 20 for the major (to the beginning of the competition there were 74 people).

If to characterize the performances in the older age group, everything was less exciting than the “small”. The leaders emerged from the beginning (Ernest Latypov, Ekaterina chebykina, Evelina Godunova, Baktiyar, Adiaman, joy Womack, Nikita Ksenofontov, sun Eamon, Alexander Omelchenko, Whether Sungmin and some others) and even have the guarantee to have an idea of who will be among the winners. However, competition is competition, can still happen, so let’s not speculate “tea leaves” and call better the winners are not hypothetical but real… Because the results of the contest of choreographers became known last night…

So, gold winners of the contest were Veins, caocao (China) and Zuniga Jimenez and Eduardo Andres (Chile), they will share a cash prize of 30 thousand dollars. Silver and 25 thousand dollars split between a Russian choreographer, Andrey Merkuriev and Nina Madan, and bronze and 20 thousand Chinese Thinthin Liu and Chen LUN. 3 diplomas and 10 thousand dollars was awarded three Russians, Alexander Runty, Cyril Radeva and Alexander Mogilev.

But before the announcement of the results, another year in the competition of choreographers was a scandal. The curtain unexpectedly, when the jury has not had time to leave, came to the forefront choreographer Dmitry Antipov and trying to shout over the speaker announcing the closing of the day’s viewing, said he was suspended from participation in the contest, and he asks the audience and the jury to allow him and his partner, the prima ballerina of the Kremlin ballet Natalia Balahnicheva to speak. Despite the support of the auditorium of the jury remained adamant and the performance never took place.

Hot on the heels of Explorer MK was able to interview different parties to the conflict and find out its essence. It turned out that the competition cannot be presented already been performed somewhere, even if just once, rooms. They must be written specifically for the contest, and jury they are not pre-otsmatrivat to not have them on prior experiences. To Antipova from participation in the competition, for the reason that rooms which were supposed to show it has been informed, has already been suspended 2 other choreographer.

While watching the first branch in the room “air Man” performed by Dmitry Antipov, one of the members of the jury recognized the excerpt from the already seen them prior to this ballet at the festival “Siberian crane”. The choreographer explained his speech saying that he had composed his earlier choreography for the competition. However, since the whole concept of numbers (the choreography “Bolero” by Ravel” was put under the impression from the paintings of the famous surrealist Rene Magritte), music and the costumes remained the same jury decided not to view due under the terms of the second number of the contestant.

Most of the rooms presented at the competition was extremely boring, uninteresting and so monotonous, as if there was a blueprint made by the same choreographer. Often it was just a set of movements without any content, it is important is referred to as “Ascension”, “mind Games”, “Path”, “secret”, “Through adversity”, etc. at the Other extreme, the availability of content and the pallor of choreography, in the room of Dmitry Zalessky “Dancing with a friend”, except where two men and one women were available and even artificial dog.

Even the names of the choreographers were the same… So, the contest was shown two “Moth”, two “Adaptation”, and lots of room for alcohol or drug themes (“Friday”, “Oppression”, “the Triumph of the widow Clicquot”, “Picasso. The absinthe drinker”), and also on the topic of Death, which had always been under the mask (“When death do us part,” “And here goes the night”, “Noir”).

However, some of the rooms still showed signs of talent and originality. Most relate in any way the jury is not marked by numbers such outstanding choreographers as Nikita Ivanov (“Friday” and “Power”), Alexei Busko (“Oppression”, “Let it go”), Ilya Live (“Silizium”), Anna Gerus (“Thing”). And was awarded the diploma room of the choreographer Alexander Runtu (“Wig”, “Eyes of the sculptor”), awarded “silver” rooms Madan Nina (“the Seagull Jonathan”, “mercury Balance”) and the number of Golden laureates freelancers from Chile of Hemenes, Zuniga and Andres Eduardo (“Dagger”, “Archipelago”).

Immediately after the announcement of the winners I spoke with one of the members of the Chilean Duo Himenesom, Zuniga:

Now I am in such a state of shock! We came here to just have a good time, have fun… But to know that we won for us, just incredible! I really like the music to which we made a number of “Dagger” and I actually just put everything that was in this music. And the second thing – “Archipelago”, for me it is special. It’s about my three sisters and my mother who left us recently. It’s like a gratitude to these women and tells me about the relationship that they had all survived. I am very glad that the room liked it because in the beginning I thought he’ll have no taste. But we perfectly understand you!

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