In the bombardment of Mosul killed 30 civilians

the battle for Mosul
The BBC Russian service

During air strikes on Mosul in Iraq, killing about 30 civilians. it is reported Reuters with reference to data of local residents.

The air strikes were carried out on the Western Mosul area of al-Jadida, which is controlled by ISIL fighters on Thursday. Local residents saw at least three shells struck the town.

Likely target of the attack was to destroy one of the commanders of ISIS harbi Abdel Kader. While a shell hit the building of Kader there was not, however, killed members of his family.

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The operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS continues with October last year. Under the control of the Iraqi military has returned about 80% of the Eastern part of the city, but the West remains entirely in the hands of terrorists.

As reported, ISIS militants blew up all the bridges over the Tigris in Central Mosul .

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