In the Congo sank the ship: 37 dead, 54 missing

The collapse of the ship to Congo
People’s Daily

The cause of the accident of the vessel in the Congo, resulting in 37 people were killed and 54 missing, could be the improper behavior of a ship’s crew, including and alcohol intoxication or overloading of the vessel.

This was stated by the administrator of the territory of Jacques Mbila, reports Xinhua Sunday, July 16.

He also confirmed the number of dead and missing in a shipwreck. Mila also said that the majority of victims were students who were on vacation. Whaling ship left Dubai in Ilebo where the accident happened on river Kasai, to the territory Idiofa.

It is noted that the Kasai river is used for river transport from the Congo river to Jacopone. Overload is the most important cause of the frequent wrecks along the rivers of DR Congo.

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