In the East of Russia offered to return the free gold mining

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CHITA, January 13. /TASS/. To allow the citizens individually to extract gold — the proposal recently made by Krasnoyarsk scientists, and the leadership of Magadan oblast, and the public chamber of Zabaykalsky Krai. The corresponding bill in February 2016 was developed by the Ministry of natural resources, and until the decision thereon is not accepted, TASS correspondent learned opinion of experts about “free prinos” gold mining regions of the country.

Self-employment, business development and industrial tourism

The main argument in support of the bill by its proponents called the employment of citizens, especially in remote areas where gold mining is sometimes the only means of income .

“Solution mining of placer gold individual entrepreneurs has for the Magadan region, especially in the social value associated with the creation of new jobs and additional investment that will reduce social tension in the region, will make our area attractive for the inflow of the population,” — said TASS in the Ministry of natural resources of the region, which since 1990-ies seeking amendments to the legislation.

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I agree with this assessment and in Yakutia. According to the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Republic of Victor Fedorov, the free gold miners will benefit the development of small and medium businesses, increase employment, legalization of shadow business in this area. “As soon as the bill will be submitted to our legislative Assembly, we will support, because it will have only a positive effect of Yakutia”, — he said.

Director of Finance-economic Institute North-Eastern Federal University Alexander Kugaevsky added that the free hatters will lead to the development of industrial tourism in the region: people, he said, will go to Yakutia to mine gold. “But it is necessary to consider in detail all the nuances: the receipt of gold, how and where people will take the extracted, to ensure the safety of miners” — he said. About the development of “Golden” they say tourism in the Magadan region.

In February 2016 in support of the bill on the free contribution already made by Krasnoyarsk scientists. In their view, the revival of the individual gold mining will bring out of the shadows “black” prospectors who illegally mined metals in the North region. And according to the public chamber of the Zabaykalsky Krai, the ban on private mining of a precious metal leads to the growth of corruption and the dominance of crime, the solution of this question, on the contrary, will promote self-employment, creation of new jobs and influx of people to the areas.

Theft, robbery and damage ecology

“Every coin has two sides. It would seem that to allow the public to independently mine gold — a great initiative which will give people the opportunity to earn and feed the family, stop the outflow of population. But, on the other hand, you need to understand that law enforcement and Supervisory authorities as well as municipal authorities in the regions are often unprepared for the amount of work that will be associated with the free hatters, which inevitably will lead to a lot of problems,” — said the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Transbaikalian edge mining engineer Roman Shcherbakov.

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Among the main disadvantages he called the possible damage to nature. “Major cooperative are responsible to the environment and post-mining reclamation produce, track, which is much easier than to trace how and where are hundreds of private owners,” he explained.

According to Scherbakova, the free hatters, most likely, will lead to theft and robbery: “On cooperatives found gold is protected, the risk of theft is small. Of course, something is leaked to the side, but the bulk is officially through the Bank. If we can do that by “free prinos”? Unlikely. Gold will go to the side, in black markets, particularly in China. Appears dealers, crime, fight which would be difficult, including because of a lack of power from law enforcement agencies.”

The fears of opponents of the innovation cause and formal employment opportunities miners, the official payment of taxes. Against advances previously made by the Union of prospectors of Russia. According to its representatives, mass organization of individual enterprises on mining of gold can lead to “cooldown the industry.”

“The mining of placer gold individual entrepreneurs raises a number of questions from representatives of Rosprirodnadzor in respect of control over geological studying, rational use and protection of subsoil. Also need to settle issues related to the preservation and realization of individual entrepreneurs mined placer gold,” said the Ministry of natural resources of the Magadan region.

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The Ministry acknowledged that while individual gold mining can be risks related to the environment and safety of operations. However, there are confident that, as “in accordance with the terms of subsoil use contained in the license to start mining works should be drawn up the technical design of the mine life, including chapters on environmental protection and safe mining… perceived risks are minimized”.

“We’re not ready for that. There is no order, no discipline. To avoid these problems to even talk about a pilot project early” — respond to this criticism of the bill.

The bill on “free prinos”

Gold mining privates banned in Russia since 1954. In the 1990s, the authorities of the Magadan region for the first time tried to change this situation, but to no avail. A bill that would have removed existing restrictions, is considered by the state Duma since September 2010.

In October 2015, the press service of the Governor of the Magadan region reported that the state Duma will consider amendments to the Federal law “On subsoil”, which will allow the Kolyma to become a pilot region for development of standards for the legalization of “free prinos” gold. In a press-service then explained that the traders offer to give parts where due to the small number of stocks refused to enter large enterprises. In addition, the possible introduction of processing of technogenic placers is the species remaining after the processing enterprises.

In February 2016 the Ministry of natural resources has published a bill authorizing extraction of placer gold individual entrepreneurs. Changes include allowing the traders to extract precious metals from placer deposits that contain taken into account by the state balance reserves not exceeding 10 kg. While individual entrepreneurs will be required in the prescribed manner to obtain a special permit (license).

In addition, according to the document, the individual entrepreneur will be entitled to exercise the extraction of gold from placer deposits within the boundaries of the subsoil plot provided for use exclusively by its own forces, to a depth of five metres, without the use of blasting, and without the use of equipment and machinery, except for hand-mechanized and non-mechanized tools. Development and approval of technical designs and other project documentation is not required.

The list of subjects of the Russian Federation, on whose territory will be allowed “free prinos”, according to the bill, will be determined by the Government.

The Ministry of natural resources of the Magadan region said that the bill is being approved by the government of the Russian Federation, and then will be forwarded for consideration to the state Duma.

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