In the evening sky of Normandy was flying the UFO, which was cut down technique of the witnesses, the people

In a Network there was video footage of a translucent UFO in the evening sky of Normandy (France). Eyewitnesses of the incident were shocked by what they saw. According to one of the locals, as soon as he noticed a mysterious alien ship, then immediately took out his phone and began shooting, which continued up until his cell phone without any reason stopped working. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Those ships
aliens have repeatedly met in all corners of the world. Very identical
the phenomenon could be observed about 20 years ago when visiting the rock temple in
Taiwan. Then a large number of parishioners witnessed the mysterious
flying objects in the sky lined up in the sky, one after another, as if
in military education.

Earlier in Idaho UFO fire drowned out all the sounds around .

Participants of incident
immediately tried to remove the flight of the ship in the video, but their mobile device
immediately out of order. Then they switched to shots and made four
pictures of UFOs.

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