In the FTC FFU explained the reason for the disqualification of the forward of “Dynamo” on 5 matches

Junior Moraes



FTC FFU commented on the disqualification of Junior Moraes for five matches.

The Secretary of the FTC FFU Igor Gritsenko commented on a 5-match disqualification of Junior Moraes.

In the Europa League, the referee did not see a clear goal (Video)

“After reviewing the videotape of the incident, the report of the arbitrator, the FTC decided that the actions Moraes there are signs of a fight. He applied physical force to the players of the opposing team. So I decided to suspend him for 5 matches,” – said Gritsenko.

The fighter caught on fire during the fight

“Extenuating circumstances, was not. The club and the player did not provide explanations on the incident. Therefore, the FTC found no reason to reduce the period of suspension,” said the Secretary .

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