In the Internet appeared the photo as a poltergeist mocking a little girl

The world wide web came the terrible photos, taken a few months ago, security cameras in the house of a certain family. The resulting photographs little girl alone plays with dolls on the floor. Close to the baby is another doll that is beginning to behave as if alive. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Previously, the Internet
there was an awful video of the incident, which has garnered over 5 million views
but the parents found it necessary to remove the recording from YouTube.

In addition to the dolls, baby
had a terrible incident with the paper. Drawing pictures, sheets of paper suddenly
began to rustle, and then all fly off the table. The frightened girl
immediately ran into the other room.

Further, the poltergeist not
stopped, and decided to throw writing utensils, including a pencil case with
pencils .

Previously, the Network blasted the video as a poltergeist walks through the corridors of city hall in Vorkuta.

Skeptics believe that this is
the particles of dust which rose under the influence of automatic inclusion
lighting. But local officials argue that the cameras in
state institutions react to movement, and therefore if anything are included
automatically. That is, it can be argued that an inexplicable force was affected
on motion sensors and made the camera’s video recording.

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