In the Internet appeared the stunning footage of the flight of Russian su-24 NATO ships

Thanks to the officers of the Navy of the Netherlands, regretting have a great opportunity to see footage of the flight of Russian su-24 in the neutral waters of the Baltic sea, the Dutch frigate Evertsen. Although the video lasts a few seconds, but the Russian fighter maneuverability is impressive. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

On received frames
to see how the Russian planes at low altitude, about 10 meters,
rushing next to the ship. This testifies to the high skill
Russian pilots. Just made three flybys of the Dutch frigate.

Earlier in Russia showed the video of new secret drone “Altair”.

According to the preliminary
the information became known that the drone has a weight of 5 tons, can
to refuel in the air and has a high-altitude “ceiling” to 12
kilometers. With a length of 11.6 meters, it has a wingspan of 28.5 meters .

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