In the Leningrad region is a perfect attack helicopter Mi-28N destroyed enemy ground targets

More than 10 crews of helicopters Mi-28N took part in firing at ground targets in the Leningrad region. This military coordination was held at the landfill Kingisepp in the Leningrad region. In the framework of the exercise, soldiers practiced skills launch unguided rockets and carried out the shooting of air guns both single and in the composition of pairs and links. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As noted
the organizers, the shooting took place in the daytime and night time at a distance
1-4 km from the ground target. Moreover, soldiers had to learn to leave
from the return of the enemy of the enemy.

From the basic Mi-28
“Hunter” has a more perfect main gear and the tail
electronics fifth generation . It provides effective use of any
weather and time of day, work at extremely low altitudes parallel to the
weapon control by the pilot and the operator, automatically distributes the targets in
the composition of the group.

Earlier in the defense Ministry told what the combat helicopter Mi-28NM “Night hunter” is superior to all analogues in the world.

As you know,
an upgraded version of the Russian helicopter has managed
anti-tank missiles of increased range. Currently being modernized
missiles “Attack” and “Chrysanthemum” for higher
the range of detection, capture, and destruction of the target especially for a helicopter

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