In the Netherlands, decided not to wait until the militants will return to the country

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The public Prosecutor’s office will pursue a criminal investigation against the jihadists, while they are in ISIS controlled territories, without waiting for their return to the Netherlands.

This was stated by the representative of the national Prosecutor’s office, ferry van Figel in an interview with the news program Nieuwsuur.

“Given the high risk, which are people who return from these areas, we don’t want to wait with the opening of a criminal investigation until they return. We want to start immediately and carry on in their absence,” he said.

As noted, the first hearing against 12 jihadists will begin in the Netherlands in March.

On the eve of the Service of intelligence and security of the Netherlands (AIVD) reported that only 280 people with Dutch citizenship, went to Syria and Iraq and joined ISIS. An estimated 190 of them are still in the conflict zone .

“We believe it is realistic to build criminal cases against these 190 fighters. We know that they are in the conflict zone. Often also there are reports from parents and relatives, the evidence can also be taken from Facebook accounts,” said van Feel.

Earlier Dutch coordinator for security and counter-terrorism dick Shoof in a media interview said that at present in Iraq and Syria, there are about 4-5 thousand “foreign terrorist fighters” from Europe.

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