In the occupied Crimea will allocate additional s-400 system

Air defence With-400 “Triumph”


On materials: Interfax-Ukraine

Photo: wikipedia.org

Russia plans to send to the annexed Crimea for more s-400 system.

The Russian military plans to deploy in the occupied Crimea additional anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400 “Triumph”.

This was stated by Lieutenant General, commander of the 4th army of VVS and PVO Victor Sevostyanov.

Sevostyanov has noted that it is prudent and that the timing of it is not.

It is known that on 14 January, have taken up duty command post and antiaircraft missile regiment equipped with s-400 system.

In addition, Lieutenant General added that the air defence system can track and destroy up to 300 air and ground targets. The combat capabilities of the complex include destroying targets, operating over the entire range of speeds and heights.

Sevostyanov said the air facilities are equipped with the technology “Fusion”, will also be destroyed in case of threat to Russia .

It is known that the defense regiment in Feodosia will continue to use the system With-300.

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