In the Oregon woods, the American took video of a real Yeti footage

Previously to identify Bigfoot earthlings had to go into the forest. Moreover, to video or photo material was of high quality it is necessary to get as close as possible to the Yeti. At the moment, this surveillance can be maintained via multi-rotors. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

So, near the river
South Fork-the Mackenzie, near the Cougar reservoir, a man with a height of 760
meters was able to capture on video the legendary Bigfoot in the Oregon woods. American
did not even know that the lens of his device in the forest will fall
unknown to science creature.

the video shows how the humanoid creature goes along the right Bank of the river
The original recording lasts more than ten minutes, and this scene only
where notable Bigfoot.

Earlier in USA live musicians visited the baby Bigfoot .

The man who shot
the concert, at some point suddenly snatches in the background a small
the size of the creature that climbs on the tree like a monkey. As you know,
in these latitudes, the primates are not found at all. So what flashes in
for about 45 seconds on a mysterious video could be
immature Bigfoot.

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