In the scientific world coming sensation: scientists know how to revive mammoths

Scientists from the US said that they are quite capable to revive mammoths in the near future. According to experts, ancient animals can once again begin to roam the Earth after a couple of years.

As told by scientists, they try to recreate an animal from DNA
derived from the skeletons of ancient mammoths, reports “Russian
The dialogue”. Biologists intend to create the embryo of an Asian elephant and mammoth.

In the US the scientists are going to raise a baby in an artificial
the womb. Experts do not exclude that the experiment might succeed
already by 2020.

Previously, scientists said that the ancient mammoths and modern
the Asian elephant is remarkably similar. Experts have combined the DNA of two animals.
Most likely, the modern mammoth will be a hybrid .

By the way, some scientists believe that mammoths in some
the habitats became extinct not only because of the ice age, but due to the lack of

Recall, almost all of mammoths on Earth died out about
10.5 thousand years ago. However, their colony on the island of St. Paul
lasted for 5 thousand years.

As previously reported, in October 2016, scientists have discovered
Essex beach rare tooth of a mammoth, which is about 3 million years.

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