In the scientific world spoke about the phenomenon of lines on the palm of a person

As stated by representatives of the scientific world, the doctrine of palmistry, trust very much modern people, is erroneous. Scientists managed to establish that the relationship between the palms on the hands and the destiny of man is completely absent. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

During the
research representatives of the scientific world took note of the line of fate 10
of thousands of people. Eventually managed to establish that on the palms and lines
located on them, you can only define the occupation of the person.

If the lines on the palm
located densely and tightly, then the person will engage in physical labor. At
to the experts, approximately 70% of people at birth have a 400 lines per
hand. Over the years, their getting smaller due to stretching of the skin.

The lines on the palms
intended only for a comfortable flexion of the hands. Furthermore, only 0 .3%
the predictions of palmists are reliable.

Earlier in the academic world are unable to explain the phenomenon of the mysterious circle in the ice of Mars.

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