In the scientific world told how man can live up to 500 years

Through proper lifestyle, people can live to 120 years, and then with the help of machines the new generation Genesis extend virtually to infinity. Biological potential allows to reach the age of 500 years. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

At Google
invest in startups in the field of genetics and diagnostics of diseases, including
cancerous ailments. The current approach of Google is that modern man
able due to the correct way of life to reach the age of 120 years. However
then he will need the assistance of a new generation of machines in order to
prolong almost indefinitely the life.

Last year, the futurologist Raymond
Kurzweil said that within the next 30 years, humanity has to learn
to extend my life indefinitely. According to Kurzweil, the development of
computer technology and neuroscience will forever keep a job
the brain of the individual . At the same time ,progress in other areas of medicine will provide an opportunity
change in the body of time-expired parts.

Previously, scientists announced an incredible and unique recipe of eternal youth.

Professionals recruited a group of volunteers to explore
the influence of dairy products on the metabolic processes of the elderly.
Before the experiment, all participants passed a number of tests, reports
“Russian Conversation”. After this began a health for a period of 60
days during which the diet of the subjects each day was added a variety of
dairy products, in particular, on the basis of Mare’s milk.

After a two-month period, participants in the experiment
re-took the tests. It turned out that all the indicators in the body has changed in
the best way, and the process could push the risk of age-related

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